.NET Native MTConnect Agent

MTConnect Agent

This project is a full implementation of an MTConnect Agent used to read data from industrial machine tools and devices. This MTConnect Agent application is fully compatible with the latest Version 2.3 of the MTConnect Standard.

  • Plugin architecture to support Http Server, Mqtt Server, SHDR Adapters, etc.
  • Processors for transforming input data using simple Python scripts
  • Easy setup with Windows Installers
  • Options to run as Windows Service or as a console application (typically for testing/debugging)
  • Optional 'Durable' buffer used to retain the Agent data between application/machine restarts
  • High performance / Low resource usage
  • Flexible Device configurations (traditional 'devices.xml' file or 'devices' directory with individual Device files)
  • On-Demand MTConnect Versioning allowing for older clients to request the version of MTConnect they are compatible with using HTTP Url parameters
  • Configuration File monitoring to automatically restart the Agent upon configuration file changes
  • Flexible Logging using NLog which can be used to output log information to separate files for easier analysis
Build MTConnect Adapters using the latest version of .NET

MTConnect Adapter Framework

This project is a framework for building MTConnect Adapters either as embedded code or as modules.

  • Modular architecture
  • SHDR Module (export data to an MTConnect Agent using the SHDR protocol)
  • MQTT Module (export data to an MQTT Broker to be read by an MTConnect Agent)
  • Run as a Windows Service
  • Extensible configuration file and monitors for changes
  • Customizable Data Source engine (to read from a PLC)
  • Updated through a Nuget package (no source code copy & paste required when updating to new versions)
Build MTConnect Clients in .NET

MTConnect Client Libraries

Nuget libraries for building MTConnect Client applications to read data from MTConnect Agents using the MTConnect Client Protocol.

  • Supports Probe, Current, Sample, and Assets
  • Supports HTTP and MQTT
  • Supports XML and JSON
  • Streaming support
  • MTConnect Response Documents (abstract from XML, JSON, etc.)
  • Full Intellisense documentation from MTConnect SysML
  • Supports response compression (polling requests and streaming)
  • Resilient Connections
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